Participation in the course on local green infrastructure planning

La Diputación de Girona ha organizado el curso ‘Planificación de la infraestructura verde en el ámbito local 2023’, dirigido a personal de administraciones locales de la provincia de Girona. El curso ha consistido en de dos jornadas que han permitido a los participantes conocer sobre el terreno dos casos prácticos diferentes: Hostalric i ‘la Vora’ […]

Publication of descriptive factsheets on 66 green and biodiversity projects in Barcelona

Barcelona City Council has published a document that compiles the most relevant projects carried out during the deployment of the Green and Biodiversity Plan 2020, which, along with the Barcelona Natura Plan 2021-2030, promote a series of concepts and contents and have renewed Barcelona’s relationship with nature and its management. These actions can be inspiring […]

Minuartia takes part in FestiNAT to celebrate biodiversity!

The naturalist meeting FestiNAT was held on 27 May. It was organized by Emys Foundation, ICHN, the Network for Nature Conservation, ‘Week of Nature’ and OxigeNats. FestiNAT is a meeting point for naturalists of every level, where knowledge and experiences were shared from a wide range of perspectives, with nature as a common nexus. Minuartia […]

Telemetry allows tracking seagull movements near airports, contributing to air safety

Maintaining the safety of operations is a priority at airports, and fauna study and management on the premises and in the surrounding areas is a key factor in reducing bird strike risk. To address these aspects and share experiences among stakeholders, the Spanish State Air Safety Agency (AESA) has organized the III National Forum on […]