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The process of drafting the Intersectoral Plan for the Conservation of Wild Pollinators in Catalonia began. This plan is promoted by the Catalan Government’s Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda (DACC). Its objectives are to lead, coordinate and disseminate cross-cutting action to conserve wild pollinators in Catalonia and to establish objectives and measures to be carried out until 2030.

PIPOL is drawn up through a process of co-creation with the participation of administrations and social and economic stakeholders who will be involved in executing the actions. The process started with a meeting where the report ‘Wild Pollinators in Catalonia: Status, Threats and Strategic Areas for their Conservation’Els pol·linitzadors silvestres a Catalunya: estatus, amenaces i àmbits estratègics per a la seva conservació’ coordinated by CREAF and the Catalan service for Natural areas planification (Catalan government), with the collaboration of the Museu de Ciències Naturals de Granollers and IRTA. The objectives of the Plan have been set out and a participation process undertaken on priority areas and strategic objectives.

The Plan’s intersectoral Work Committee (CIT) has also been set up and will be in charge of specifying the measures that will be included. The work of the CIT is expected to continue throughout 2023.

Minuartia supports the preparation of PIPOL by taking charge of the technical secretariat.

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