The Municipal Strategic Plan for Green Infrastructure for Hostalric has been initially approved

The Municipal Strategic Plan for Green Infrastructure in Hostalric is part of a pilot project for drafting such plans for the Girona region. These plans are promoted by Girona Provincial Council. The aim is to plan green infrastructure in medium and small municipalities. In addition to the technical work, several sessions have facilitated citizen participation in the process.  

In Hostalric, the protected natural spaces of the Arbúcies and Tordera rivers have been identified as the core area of the green infrastructure. Ecological connectors have also been identified, and multifunctional spaces have been distinguished, such as areas of agricultural value consisting of two horticultural zones, areas of agroforestry value comprising three spaces, and areas of ecological and landscape value represented by the Castle Hill. Urban and developable green spaces closely related to the rural environment, including a habitat of community interest, have been added. Finally, peri-urban strips have been identified, which are rural environments strongly influenced by urban spaces.  

PEMIV defines six strategic objectives that take into account the ecosystem services provided by the elements of the green infrastructure considered relevant for the municipality. These objectives are specified in 14 operational objectives and 58 lines of action to be implemented during the 10-year validity of PEMIV.  

The work has been carried out with the technical assistance of MINUARTIA.