Participation session in the National Defragmentation Plan
First participatory day of the National Defragmentation Plan

Habitat fragmentation caused by linear transport infrastructure is one of the greatest threats to biodiversity. To mitigate this impact, MITECO is working on the development of a National Plan for the Defragmentation of habitats affected by linear transport infrastructures.
With the aim of achieving a consensual plan, several participatory sessions will be held in which different actors will be present. In the first session in October, participants will include members of the Working Group on Habitat Fragmentation caused by Transport Infrastructures. This group was created in 1999 and has published several works on the subject at national level.

Minuartia is involved in providing technical assistance in the preparation of the plan, together with members of TRAGSATEC and the General Subdirectorate of Terrestrial and Marine Biodiversity of MITECO. This assistance includes aspects ranging from the conceptualization of the plan and the definition of concepts to the collection of legal, scientific and technical information that serves as a reference for the drafting of its contents.