Drafting of strategic plans to promote green infrastructure in the municipalities of Girona

The Girona Provincial Council promotes the drafting of municipal strategic plans for green infrastructure (PEMIV), which are focused on planning green infrastructure in medium and small municipalities. These plans evaluate the entire municipal territory and define elements located in the rural area that can be classified as the municipality’s “green infrastructure”.
The PEMIV will add value to the municipality’s territory, and promote the conservation of relevant elements for the conservation of biodiversity and ecological connectivity, beyond protected natural spaces. These elements contribute to people’s health and well-being, and can be a factor for economic revitalization of the municipality.
The methodology is based on a participation process in which the people and entities of the municipality collaborate, as defined in the document “Guidelines for the drafting of municipal strategic plans for green infrastructure”, prepared in 2020.
With the technical assistance of MINUARTIA and the direct involvement of the municipalities, two pilot tests are being carried out in Vilobí d’Onyar and Hostalric. These tests are pioneering experiences of the drafting of this type of plans at local level in Catalonia and in the state. Once completed, it is expected that the PEMIV will be drafted in other municipalities of Girona.