Publication of descriptive factsheets on 66 green and biodiversity projects in Barcelona

Barcelona City Council has published a document that compiles the most relevant projects carried out during the deployment of the Green and Biodiversity Plan 2020, which, along with the Barcelona Natura Plan 2021-2030, promote a series of concepts and contents and have renewed Barcelona’s relationship with nature and its management. These actions can be inspiring for the recovery of biodiversity in other urban areas.  

The factsheets describe each of the 66 projects undertaken, including the planning, design and creation of green spaces, the conservation and management of natural heritage, the promotion and dissemination of the value of greenery, citizen involvement, knowledge and the strengthening of municipal leadership. For each project, the background and objectives are detailed, and the used methodology and the main results achieved.  

MINUARTIA has provided technical assistance in synthesizing the projects and drafting the factsheets. The complete document can be accessed here.