Minuartia takes part in FestiNAT to celebrate biodiversity!

The naturalist meeting FestiNAT was held on 27 May. It was organized by Emys Foundation, ICHN, the Network for Nature Conservation, ‘Week of Nature’ and OxigeNats. FestiNAT is a meeting point for naturalists of every level, where knowledge and experiences were shared from a wide range of perspectives, with nature as a common nexus.

Minuartia participated with Carme Rosell. Together with publicist and presenter Evelyn Segura, she presented the opening of the festival and the young naturalists’ session, where high school students exhibited their nature-related research projects.

It was a very enriching experience and one in which we hope to be able to continue participating on future occasions. More info about FestiNAT available here.