Participation in the talk-colloquium “Vineyard and wild boar, is coexistence possible?”, in Alella


In the cycle Libraries with DO in Alella, the talk-colloquium “Vineyard and wild boar, is coexistence possible?” was conducted by journalist Jordi Bes with the participation of Teresa Cerdà, co-owner of the Bouquet de Alella Winery, and biologist Joana Colomer, responsible for ungulates projects at MINUARTIA.
The wild boar causes significant damage to the vineyard and grapes of DO Alella, in the Maresme region, and to the landscaped spaces of the wineries. Wild boar even interfere with wine tourism activities such as dinners among the vineyards, because boars approach the groups looking for food and cause risky situations with customers.
Teresa Cerdà explained how wild boar affects the winery’s activity and the measures they have applied, and Joana Colomer provided information on the context of wild boar populations in Catalonia and the rest of Europe, and the various prevention measures recommended to reduce damage. Lastly, she explained the success story of the Cinque Terre Natural Park (Italy) where the installation of an electric enclosure to deal with wild boar has had very good results and has allowed wine production to continue in this area. The event was of great interest to the public, who made numerous contributions. It ended with tasting of a Bouquet de Alella wine.