Drafting of strategic plans to promote green infrastructure in the municipalities of Girona

The Girona Provincial Council promotes the drafting of municipal strategic plans for green infrastructure (PEMIV), which are focused on planning green infrastructure in medium and small municipalities. These plans evaluate the entire municipal territory and define elements located in the rural area that can be classified as the municipality’s “green infrastructure”.The PEMIV will add value […]

Drafting of an environmental study for the improvement of land connectivity. Permeabilization of infrastructures. La Múnia – Marmellar

As part of the green infrastructure development projects promoted by the Catalan Government and commissioned by Infraestructures.Cat, the environmental study has been carried out on improvement of land connectivity for the permeabilization of infrastructures around La Múnia and Marmellar with the technical assistance of Minuartia. In this sector, straddling the Alt and Baix Penedés regions, […]

The action plan for controlling flooding in the Rec Vell – Ter Vell basin is completed

Within the framework of the PECT Project ‘Girona, Region Sensitive to Water’, promoted by the University of Girona, Girona Provincial Council and the Catalan Government, an action plan has been drawn up to control flooding in the Rec Vell – Ter Vell basin. Minuartia provided technical support to write the plan and undertake the participation […]

Mapping of ecological connectivity and wildlife passages of Catalonia, available online

The Government of Catalonia’s Department of Territory and Sustainability (DTES) has published maps of ecological connectivity that are available online through the hypermap of Catalonia, in the Ecological Connectivity section. This set of maps has been useful for drafting the Catalonia Green Infrastructure Programme 2017-2021. The maps on ecological connectivity model the current degree of […]

New initiatives to improve ecological connectivity between Collserola and Turó de Montcada

BARCELONA REGIONAL has recently promoted an initiative to improve the connectivity of the Collserola Park with the Turó de Moncada, specifically in the Tapioles torrent valley and the Turó de Quatre Pins, a place of strategic interest for the Park’s connectivity. Collserola has experienced progressive loss of ecological connections with natural spaces in its surroundings, […]

Actions to strengthen the Green Infrastructure at Punta de la Móra

Punta de la Mora, located near Tarragona and included in the Natura 2000 network, is an emblematic space for its natural interest and its cultural and historical heritage. A study promoted by the Catalan Department of Territory and Sustainability has defined actions to improve its ecological connectivity with other natural protected areas nearby and facilitate […]

The new wildlife overpass on the A2 motorway improves ecological connectivity

During 2016, a defragmentation action was carried out on the A2 motorway, which consisted of constructing a new structure to enhance ecological connectivity. The structure is an overpass designed exclusively to improve ecological connectivity in a strategic point of Girona province. One of the singularities of this defragmentation action, which compensates for the expansion of […]