Gava municipality presents its Inventory of natural areas and ecological corridors


The Inventory, which is promoted by the City Council, will allow better management of natural areas and corridors in the municipality, as it includes a set of specific guidelines.

Gava extends from the shoreline to the Garraf massif, through the agricultural plain of the Llobregat Delta. This is the only place between Castelldefels and Barcelona where the continuity of natural and semi-natural habitats between the mountains and the coast is not interrupted by the urban continuum. These undeveloped areas are therefore relevant even at the level of the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona.

The guidelines take into account the specific natural value of each area, but also cover the functions and ecosystem services, which contributes to the improvement of green infrastructure in the municipality. Many of the guidelines relate to improving ecological connectivity in the undeveloped land, in the Canyars gully or in the agricultural canals that drain the plain, and to the permeability of road infrastructure crossing the municipality.

The City Council has already started implementing the guidelines, and is improving the priority areas of the Murta and coastal pine forests.

MINUARTIA provided technical assistance for drafting the Inventory.

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