Drafting of an environmental study for the improvement of land connectivity. Permeabilization of infrastructures. La Múnia – Marmellar

As part of the green infrastructure development projects promoted by the Catalan Government and commissioned by Infraestructures.Cat, the environmental study has been carried out on improvement of land connectivity for the permeabilization of infrastructures around La Múnia and Marmellar with the technical assistance of Minuartia.

In this sector, straddling the Alt and Baix Penedés regions, a high-quality agricultural landscape predominates, with large areas of vineyards and rainfed crops. The plain is located between two natural spaces included in the Natura 2000 Network, Montmell-Marmellar and Foix, in a strategic sector for ecological connectivity that is rich in biodiversity. Currently, this sector is fragmented by the presence of multiple transport infrastructures including the AP-7 highway, the N-340 highway and conventional and high-speed rail lines.

The study inventoried more than sixty transversal structures in the transport routes, many of them associated with existing river courses. It identified potentially adaptable structures for the passage of fauna. There are also stretches of riverbanks that could be the object of ecological restoration. Application of the study’s proposals is a commitment to the future to preserve the biodiversity and landscape of a territory that shows high economic dynamism associated with the development of new infrastructure and logistics hubs.