Progress in the Master Plan for Ecological Connectivity in Andalusia

The Regional Government of Andalusia is drawing up a Master plan for Ecological Connectivity; a document that is currently at the internal stage of pooling ideas and discussion. The aim of the Plan is to increase connectivity throughout the territory. It includes a series of proposals for improving connectivity in Natura 2000 Network areas and in other areas that are put forward in the document itself, namely: Priority Action Areas, Landscapes of Interest for Connectivity, Reinforcement Areas and Pilot Areas. The Plan sets out guidelines or actions to implement in each zone within these different types of areas. It also includes a Programme of measures with strategic lines and operational objectives and a Monitoring programme.

As a Master Plan, the document is cross-cutting and cross-sector in nature. It involves different departments of the Regional Government of Andalusia and envisages coordination with other competent administrations. In addition, the Programme of measures requires the involvement and participation of civil society and the technical and scientific community.

Minuartia has provided technical assistance to draw up the plan with the collaboration of the CREAF and Estudio MC.

Work on the Plan was presented at the technical symposium “Conectividad ecológica y vías de transporte” (Ecological Connectivity and Transport Infrastructure), held in Cáceres on 23 and 24 November 2013. See the following link for news about the symposium.

Further information can be found in the link