New initiatives to improve ecological connectivity between Collserola and Turó de Montcada

BARCELONA REGIONAL has recently promoted an initiative to improve the connectivity of the Collserola Park with the Turó de Moncada, specifically in the Tapioles torrent valley and the Turó de Quatre Pins, a place of strategic interest for the Park’s connectivity. Collserola has experienced progressive loss of ecological connections with natural spaces in its surroundings, due to the barrier effect of the road infrastructure and the urban development that has isolated it.

The first phase of the initiative, carried out with the technical assistance of MINUARTIA, has consisted of defining proposals to permeabilize the C-58 and N-150 roads, which are located between Collserola and Turó de Moncada and fragment the continuity of the habitats.

As a result of the analysis, various proposals were made such as the adaptation of structures that cross under the roads to increase their usefulness for the passage of wildlife, the construction of a multifunctional overpass, and the installation of light signals that are activated automatically when they detect wildlife approaching the road, to avoid collisions between vehicles and animals. The measures are accompanied by the restoration of habitats in the basin and the removal of invasive plant species.