Publication of descriptive factsheets on 66 green and biodiversity projects in Barcelona

Barcelona City Council has published a document that compiles the most relevant projects carried out during the deployment of the Green and Biodiversity Plan 2020, which, along with the Barcelona Natura Plan 2021-2030, promote a series of concepts and contents and have renewed Barcelona’s relationship with nature and its management. These actions can be inspiring […]

Drafting of strategic plans to promote green infrastructure in the municipalities of Girona

The Girona Provincial Council promotes the drafting of municipal strategic plans for green infrastructure (PEMIV), which are focused on planning green infrastructure in medium and small municipalities. These plans evaluate the entire municipal territory and define elements located in the rural area that can be classified as the municipality’s “green infrastructure”.The PEMIV will add value […]

‘Guidelines for drafting municipal strategic plans for green infrastructure’ are available

Girona Provincial Council, with the technical assistance of Minuartia, has drawn up guidelines for drafting municipal strategic plans for green infrastructure (PEMIV), aimed at small and medium-sized municipalities in the Girona region. This tool, which provides criteria, guidelines and methodology, helps city councils to prepare their plans. It focuses on identifying the main elements of […]

Promotion of biodiversity conservation in water cycle facilities

SUEZ Water Spain has implemented a strategy to promote biodiversity conservation in facilities operated by the group. As a first step, the company published the Guía operativa de Conservación de la Biodiversidad en el ciclo integral del agua(Operating Handbook for Biodiversity Conservation in the Integrated Water Cycle) to help to incorporate actions that promote species and […]