‘Guidelines for drafting municipal strategic plans for green infrastructure’ are available

Girona Provincial Council, with the technical assistance of Minuartia, has drawn up guidelines for drafting municipal strategic plans for green infrastructure (PEMIV), aimed at small and medium-sized municipalities in the Girona region.

This tool, which provides criteria, guidelines and methodology, helps city councils to prepare their plans. It focuses on identifying the main elements of green infrastructure in a municipality’s rural area and maps them by separating core areas, ecological connectors, multifunctional spaces and peri-urban strips. For each element, objectives and actions will be defined to develop green infrastructure and the ecosystem services they provide. Apart from technical work, the tool incorporates the active participation of the population’s economic and social agents and other entities, and the involvement of municipal technicians in a totally cross-cutting way.

Municipal strategic plans for green infrastructure are provided for in the state strategy on green infrastructure, connectivity and ecological restoration, and will be developed for the municipalities of Catalonia in accordance with the provisions in the Catalan strategy that is currently being drawn up.