Guidelines for drafting municipal strategic green infrastructure plans

Girona Provincial Council 2020 Drafting of guidelines for small and medium-sized towns to develop strategic green infrastructure plans. The document provides information on the basic concepts and framework of strategies and plans in the European, state and Catalan context. At municipal level, they focus especially on peri-urban spaces, which can undergo rapid transformations in uses […]

Creation and update of the website on the European manual ‘Wildlife and Traffic’

Swedish Transport Administration – Calluna 2017-2021 Design and development of a website to make the ‘Wildlife and Traffic’ manual accessible online. Since its publication, this manual has positioned itself as a benchmark at European and global level. The new website, promoted by the Infrastructure and Ecology Network Europe (IENE) with funding from the Swedish Transport […]

Monitoring of actions for the recovery and protection of the Empordà dune systems in relation to the Kentish plover

TALIO – INFRASTRUCTURES.CAT 2017-2018 Monitoring of Kentish plover (Charadrius alexandrinus) populations during actions for the recovery and protection of the Empordà dune systems. The tasks consist of walking along the beaches recording the number of nests with eggs, chicks, or adult birds in various study areas.Monitoring is carried out during and after the dune recovery […]

Promoting biodiversity in water treatment plants in La Garrotxa

AQUAMBIENTE, Services for the Water Sector, SAU-AGBAR 2018 Minuartia provided technical assistance to propose a set of actions to promote biodiversity and green infrastructure in nine wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in the La Garrotxa region. Five of the plants are within the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa. For this purpose, each […]

CEDR Call: ‘Roads and Wildlife’ production of guides to address road mitigation strategies and maintenance of ecological assets on linear infrastructure (ECOGUIDES)

Transport Infrastructure Ireland – Conference of European Directors of Roads 2019-2020 Production of practical guides to address strategies to mitigate the impacts of roads on wildlife and the maintenance of ecological assets present in linear transport infrastructures (roads and railways). These guides are based on proven scientific and technical information and previous studies carried out […]

Guide that includes measures to reduce damage caused by wild mammals to crops, urban areas and infrastructure

Barcelona Provincial Council. 2017-2018 This guide provides information on measures of proven effectiveness to prevent and reduce conflicts and damage caused by wild mammals to crops and to reforestation and ecological restoration projects in transport infrastructure and urban environments. The document has been published by Barcelona Provincial Council’s publication service and will be updated periodically […]

Advice on drawing up the Territorial Action Plan of Alicante and Elche

UTE CERCLE-LLOP-JORNET-PASTOR 2018 – work in progress Advice was given to the drafting team of architects to ensure the integration of aspects related to ecological connectivity in the Plan of Territorial Action of the Functional Area Alicante-Elche (PATAE), within the Plan’s “Green infrastructure” area. The advice focuses on aspects of ecological connectivity, scales in the […]