Project to improve ecological connectivity at the eastern limit of the Izki Natural Park, in the area of the A-132 road

Provincial Council of Álava – 2021

Proposal to restore the ecological connectivity of the Natural Park, ZEC and ZEPA Izki, with special emphasis on reducing the barrier effect and fauna mortality on the A-132 road in the section that crosses the connection between this protected area and the ZEC entity

This road stands out for its high accident rate in terms of wild animal collisions. The problem affects a large number of species, including some critically endangered ones such as the European mink. It includes proposals to adapt existing structures (in particular drainages) to favor their use by fauna and in particular by semi-aquatic mustelids. It also includes proposals for measures to reduce accidents caused by collisions with wild boar and roe deer. The study proposes measures to reduce collisions, increase road safety and promote the restoration of ecological connectivity.