Development of an operational guide for the conservation of biodiversity in the integral water cycle

SUEZ. 2015-2016

An operational guide has been created to stimulate initiatives that promote conservation and restoration of biodiversity in water cycle facilities and the surrounding environment. Actions are mainly defined for drinking water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants and water tanks.
The main objectives of the guide are to help decision-making, provide a methodology for self-assessment of facilities, offer technical and concise information on specific actions to promote biodiversity around the facilities, and give information and resources so that actions can carried out effectively.
The guide’s factsheets include the following topics: processes and methodologies for developing action plans for biodiversity, naturalization of facilities, ecological restoration, and good management practices. For example, practical details are provided for the creation of shelters for pollinators, the restoration of ponds for amphibians or the control of invasive species.