Proposal of measures to facilitate the movements of dark hedgehogs and squirrels in Barcelona and reduce mortality due to being run over

Barcelona City Council – 2022

The work analyzes the distribution of the dark hedgehog and squirrel in the city of Barcelona and makes proposals to promote their conservation, reducing the risk of being run over. The work compiles the appointments of both species, as well as the mortality records, and carries out a diagnosis on the elements with a barrier effect and risks of being run over. It also proposes several measures to facilitate the safe travel of both species.

The periodic monitoring and analysis of data on hedgehogs and squirrels in the city makes it possible to evaluate the evolution of their distribution, as well as the effectiveness of the measures applied to reduce conflicts and promote the good state of conservation of their populations.

The integration of the proposals for management measures in the deployment of the biodiversity nodes and in particular in the development and management of the green corridors, allows adopting a global vision that integrates the requirements of the maximum species of the urban fauna and achieves the maximum of benefits for the rich biodiversity found in the city, and particularly in the naturalized spaces.