Study of the effects of climate change in Montseny: diagnosis, impact and vulnerabilities. LIFE Clinomics

Catalan Climate Change Office of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Provincial Council of Barcelona – 2016

Study carried out in the framework of the LIFE15 project CCA/ES/000102 Fostering resilience. Opportunities and challenges of the local economy and society to adapt to climate change. Specifically, it carries out the work foreseen in its Action A1, and aims to analyze the effects of climate change in Montseny, in its aspects related to diagnosis, impacts and vulnerability.

The area of study is the Montseny Biosphere Reserve, which includes the Montseny Natural Park. Thematically, the area focuses on the following economic sectors: agriculture, livestock, forestry and tourism. The diagnosis is carried out for each economic sector and considers the numerical data obtained, the risks and potentialities identified, the results of the calculation of the vulnerability indicators and the perceptions of the economic agents.