Creation and update of the website on the European manual ‘Wildlife and Traffic’

Swedish Transport Administration – Calluna

Design and development of a website to make the ‘Wildlife and Traffic’ manual accessible online. Since its publication, this manual has positioned itself as a benchmark at European and global level. The new website, promoted by the Infrastructure and Ecology Network Europe (IENE) with funding from the Swedish Transport Administration, includes a portal on manuals in the field of ecology and transport where you can consult documents and guides on the topic published worldwide. This was the first step in updating the manual, which is being carried out in a participatory manner.
In 2020, a new chapter was added. Chapter 10 has been produced as part of the CEDR Call: ‘Roads and Wildlife’ Production of Guides to address road mitigation strategies and maintenance of ecological assets on linear infrastructure. It is a practical guide to address strategies for mitigating the impacts of roads on wildlife and maintaining the ecological assets in linear transport infrastructure.
You can access Chapter 10. Maintenance of ecological assets on transport linear infrastructure here.