LIFE SAFE-CROSSING Project: Preventing Animal-Vehicle Collisions – Demonstration of Best Practices targeting priority species in SE Europe

Minuartia has participated in the LIFE SAFE-CROSSING project, which focuses on actions to mitigate the impact of roads on large carnivores in south-eastern Europe. The project is carried out in collaboration with 13 organizations from four European countries, in various areas of the Natura 2000 Network (SCIs) and includes four priority species: the Iberian lynx in the Iberian Peninsula, the brown bear in Romania and Greece, the brown bear of the Apennines and the wolf in Italy. Notable actions have been the application of innovative techniques to reduce collisions between wildlife and vehicles, monitoring of the use and adaptation for wildlife of passages below roads, and the study of drivers’ behaviour through neuromarketing methodologies.

Development of a guide to promote green infrastructure and biodiversity in the buildings of the Parc de l’Alba

Technical assistance was provided to draw up action sheets, measures, and good practices to promote the conservation of biodiversity and minimise the use of resources in buildings and plots occupied by companies in the Barcelona Synchrotron Park – Parc de l’Alba.

The worksheets are grouped into three blocks: gardening practices to encourage wild flora and fauna, good maintenance practices, and the application of nature-based solutions. They include a description of the action, practical tips, links to relevant information and examples. The contents are adapted to the characteristics and geographical location of the Parc de l’Alba.

Guidelines for drafting municipal strategic green infrastructure plans

Girona Provincial Council 2020 Drafting of guidelines for small and medium-sized towns to develop strategic green infrastructure plans. The document provides information on the basic concepts and framework of strategies and plans in the European, state and Catalan context. At municipal level, they focus especially on peri-urban spaces, which can undergo rapid transformations in uses […]

Service for the identification of open spaces for priority conservation and recovery in the Parc Natural de les Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser

Parc Natural de les Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser. Department of Territory and Sustainability, Government of Catalonia. 2018 The aim of this study was to identify open spaces that are a conservation priority, such as meadows, pastures, scrub, and other areas that could be recovered to promote ecological restoration. The analysis was carried out […]

Writing of the bases for the Sectorial Territorial Plan of ecological connectivity of Catalonia and its environmental assessment

Ministry of Territory and Sustainability, Government of Catalonia 2009-2012 Proposal of connectors for Catalonia, at strategic scale and with the status of a sectorial territorial plan, to guarantee connectivity between Natural Protected Areas, the large biogeographic regions, and north and south. Fluvial connectors, areas of marine-terrestrial connectivity, and marine-fluvial connectivity are identified. For implementation of […]

Preparation of the ‘Plan for the improvement of ecological connectivity in Andalusia within the framework of management plans for endangered species and habitats’

EGMASA – Ministry of the Environment, Government of Andalusia 2011-2013 Transversal cross-sector plan established as a master plan for all Andalusian Administration Councils with competences in areas that affect ecological connectivity. The Andalusian territory is analysed in relation to environmental legislation, instruments, and plans that may affect ecological connectivity, protected natural spaces, threatened species, land […]