BISON: biodiversity and infrastructure synergies and opportunities for European transport networks

H2020 BISON Biodiversity Infrastructure Synergies 2021-2023

Participation in the BISON international project, which is framed in the HORIZON 2020 programme. The aim of BISON is to identify future research and innovation needs to make infrastructures more sustainable for biodiversity and, at the same time, ensure their reliability and efficiency. The project will work on a strategic research and development deployment agenda (SRDA) to improve the knowledge base on infrastructure and biodiversity.

A total of 39 organizations are involved in the project, including government representatives, research institutes, companies and associations. Minuartia leads one of the five work packages, focused on the integration of biodiversity in the current and future management of transport infrastructures. It aims to identify and describe good practices and new technologies, including nature-based solutions, applicable to biodiversity in transport infrastructure. The identification of emerging trends is also planned. Trends will be addressed in the current climate change scenario and their effects on transport biodiversity examined. The project started on January 2021 for a period of 30 months.