LIFE SAFE-CROSSING Project: Preventing Animal-Vehicle Collisions – Demonstration of Best Practices targeting priority species in SE Europe

LIFE PROGRAMME – EC – Agristudio 2018–2023

Minuartia has participated in the LIFE SAFE-CROSSING project, which focuses on actions to mitigate the impact of roads on large carnivores in south-eastern Europe. The project is carried out in collaboration with 13 organizations from four European countries, in various areas of the Natura 2000 Network (SCIs) and includes four priority species: the Iberian lynx in the Iberian Peninsula, the brown bear in Romania and Greece, the brown bear of the Apennines and the wolf in Italy. Notable actions have been the application of innovative techniques to reduce collisions between wildlife and vehicles, monitoring of the use and adaptation for wildlife of passages below roads, and the study of drivers’ behaviour through neuromarketing methodologies.