The SAFEROAD project presents a video on amphibians and roads

Frogs, toads, salamanders and newts are Amphibians, a group of animals that is declining worldwide. Road collisions are one of the main causes of their mortality. The video examines the effectiveness of measures applied to reduce this mortality on roads. It was developed as part of the SAFEROAD project. The consultancy ALTERRA is the project leader, and MINUARTIA participates together with teams from 7 other European countries.

Amphibians are victims of road collisions mainly during their seasonal migrations to ponds and other water bodies to breed and where tadpoles live, as well as during journeys to feed. During these movements, they cross roads and they are victims en masse of road accidents. The building of specific amphibian passages, little tunnels under the road that allow them to cross safely, is one solution. We know that Amphibians use these tunnels, but the question is whether they are really effective.

The video describes the results of the research developed in the SAFEROAD project about the effectiveness of Amphibian tunnels and reflects on the need to evaluate the measures applied, and the need to know not only how many Amphibians use the tunnel, but how many do not, as this is a key piece of data in assessments of effectiveness.

You can watch the video here.