Presentation on biodiversity at the international seminar ‘The road in the landscape’

The seminar ‘The road in the landscape’ was held on 9–10 May in Barcelona, and was organized by the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia and the Government of Catalonia’s Secretariat for Infrastructure and Mobility of the Ministry of Territory and Sustainability. The conference focused on exploring the relationship between landscape and roads, viewed from different perspectives, […]

2nd Seminar of the LIFE LINES project on measures to reduce the impact of roads in Portugal

The LIFE LINES project ‘Linear Infrastructure Networks with Ecological Solutions’ aims to test, evaluate, and disseminate practices and measures aimed at mitigating the negative effects of transport infrastructure on wildlife and biodiversity and, at the same time, promote the implementation of green infrastructure based on the creation of connectivity corridors to improve the conservation of […]

The SAFEROAD project presents a video on amphibians and roads

Frogs, toads, salamanders and newts are Amphibians, a group of animals that is declining worldwide. Road collisions are one of the main causes of their mortality. The video examines the effectiveness of measures applied to reduce this mortality on roads. It was developed as part of the SAFEROAD project. The consultancy ALTERRA is the project leader, […]

Minuartia joins the consortium of the ‘Safe roads for wildlife and people’ project, which is part of the Conference of European Directors of Roads’ research programme

Minuartia is part of the management team of the project SAFEROAD ‘Safe Roads for Wildlife and People. Cost efficient mitigation strategies and maintenance practices’, which is led by ALTERRA – Wageningen UR (Holland) and was a winning proposal in the Transnational Road Research Programme 2014-2016, which was called by the Conference of European Directors of Roads […]