New HORIZON 2020 project about biodiversity and transport infrastructure

The BISON project Biodiversity and Infrastructure Synergies and Opportunities for European Transport Networks is financed within the framework of the European Union’s HORIZON 2020 programme. The project began in January 2021. For thirty months, it will bring together the work of some thirty organizations to identify synergies and opportunities that make biodiversity conservation compatible with […]

New LIFE on roads and large carnivores in Europe

LIFE SAFE-CROSSING is an EU LIFE integrated project aimed at preventing mortality on roads of large carnivores such as the brown bear, the wolf or the Iberian and European lynxes. The project will be developed up to 2023. Thirteen organizations are participating from countries in southern and eastern Europe, led by an Italian team. MINUARTIA […]

Presentation on biodiversity at the international seminar ‘The road in the landscape’

The seminar ‘The road in the landscape’ was held on 9–10 May in Barcelona, and was organized by the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia and the Government of Catalonia’s Secretariat for Infrastructure and Mobility of the Ministry of Territory and Sustainability. The conference focused on exploring the relationship between landscape and roads, viewed from different perspectives, […]

Maintenance of roads and biodiversity at the ICOET conference in America

The International Conference on Ecology and Transportation (ICOET) was held in Raleigh (North Carolina, United States) from 20 to 24 September, and brought together experts from around the world. Carme Rosell, from MINUARTIA, gave a presentation entitled Enhancing Wildlife Conservation in Road Corridors by Applying Best Maintenance Practices, which summarized the results of an analysis […]

The SAFEROAD project presents a video on amphibians and roads

Frogs, toads, salamanders and newts are Amphibians, a group of animals that is declining worldwide. Road collisions are one of the main causes of their mortality. The video examines the effectiveness of measures applied to reduce this mortality on roads. It was developed as part of the SAFEROAD project. The consultancy ALTERRA is the project leader, […]

Meeting of the SAFEROAD project management team in Barcelona

On 19th March, a meeting of the management team of ‘SAFEROAD – Safe roads for wildlife and people’ project was held in Barcelona at the headquarters of the Government of Catalonia’s Department of Planning and Sustainability. Representatives from Conference of European Directors of Roads, ALTERRA-Wageningen UR, the Swedish University of Agricultural Science and MINUARTIA met technicians of […]