Drafting of an environmental study for the improvement of land connectivity. Permeabilization of infrastructures. La Múnia – Marmellar

As part of the green infrastructure development projects promoted by the Catalan Government and commissioned by Infraestructures.Cat, the environmental study has been carried out on improvement of land connectivity for the permeabilization of infrastructures around La Múnia and Marmellar with the technical assistance of Minuartia. In this sector, straddling the Alt and Baix Penedés regions, […]

New HORIZON 2020 project about biodiversity and transport infrastructure

The BISON project Biodiversity and Infrastructure Synergies and Opportunities for European Transport Networks is financed within the framework of the European Union’s HORIZON 2020 programme. The project began in January 2021. For thirty months, it will bring together the work of some thirty organizations to identify synergies and opportunities that make biodiversity conservation compatible with […]