LIFE Clinomics provides training about climate change adaptation

A course for managers and climate change adaptation communicators is organised as part of the LIFE Clinomics project. The course consists of three activities: a workshop on climate change adaptation and how it affects the territory, a meeting about how to adapt to climate change with experiences from territories and sectors of LIFE Clinomics and […]

LIFE Clinomics tackles adaptation to climate change in Montseny

The aim of the three-year LIFE project that began in June 2016 is to tackle the challenges and opportunities of local economies and societies to increase their resilience to climate change. The specific objective is to work with agriculture and livestock, forestry activities, tourism, and fishing in three areas: the Montseny Biosphere Reserve, the Alt […]

Video on the behaviour of wild boar within Montseny Natural Park’s Nature Reserve

Between 2012 and 2015, wild boars’ use of the Montseny Nature Reserve was monitored using camera trapping. In this area, hunting is only permitted for management purposes. The project was carried out in collaboration with the Park’s guards and technicians, and with groups of local hunters. Over 30,000 images of the species were recorded, which […]