LIFE Clinomics provides training about climate change adaptation

A course for managers and climate change adaptation communicators is organised as part of the LIFE Clinomics project.

The course consists of three activities: a workshop on climate change adaptation and how it affects the territory, a meeting about how to adapt to climate change with experiences from territories and sectors of LIFE Clinomics and a second workshop on how we can act to adapt territories to climate change. MINUARTIA participates in the activities, presenting “How to identify the vulnerability of a territory against climate change” and a “Tools workshop to identify the vulnerability of the territories to climate change.”

The LIFE Clinomics project will run for three years (June 2016-June 2019) and its main objective is to increase the resilience of local Mediterranean entities through intervention in three types of territories and in significant economic activities. MINUARTIA participated in the project in 2016 by drafting the “Study of the effects of climate change in Montseny: diagnosis, impacts and vulnerabilities”.

You can find more information about LIFE Clinomics here and all the communications presented at the course here.