Plenary talk at the Global Congress for Linear Infrastructure and Environment (GCLIE)

As a representative of IENE Infrastructure & Ecology Network Europe, Carme Rosell from Minuartia gave a plenary speech at the Global Congress for Linear Infrastructure and Environment (GCLIE). The topic was Challenges and opportunities for wildlife and transport infrastructure in our progress towards European Green Deal goals. The four points of her speech were based […]

Participation in an international conference on ecology and transport

Experts from Minuartia attended the International Conference on Ecology and Transportation that is organised every two years by INFRA ECO NETWORK EUROPE, and was held in Lyon, France in 2016. Ferran Navàs, Carme Rosell and Marina Torrellas gave various papers and presented a poster on different projects related to wildlife passages, factors that affect the […]

Carme Rosell of Minuartia joins the Steering Committee of the Infra Eco Network Europe

IENE Infra Eco Network Europe is an European network that is comprised of experts, authorities and research centres across Europe working in the field of habitat fragmentation caused by transport infrastructure. Currently headquartered in Sweden, IENE promotes cooperation between countries to develop a safe and sustainable transport network taking care for the conservation of biodiversity […]