Solutions to reduce accidents caused by wildlife

Minuartia has signed a cooperation agreement with RIVISA to develop perimeter fences that can reduce wildlife conflicts on roads and railways and in other areas.

The increase in the number of traffic accidents caused by wild boar, roe deer and other animals has a high social and economic cost. The construction of wildlife passages combined with suitable perimeter fences is one of the main solutions to reduce accidents.

The collaboration between RIVISA, a company specialized in perimeter fences, and MINUARTIA, which has a high level of expertise in wildlife management, ensures that “turnkey” projects can be carried out. In these projects, the conflict is analysed, suitable measures are designed and implemented for each situation and the effectiveness of the action is monitored and assessed using camera trapping.
As a result of the agreement, we can design fences to resolve conflicts caused by other animals and to prevent collisions with threatened species. For example, a specific kind of fence is produced to stop rabbits from accessing roads and causing problems with their maintenance, and other fences and protective netting are designed and installed to reduce the mortality of bats, otters and reptiles, among others.  The most appropriate fences for each species are designed and installed, and are fully adapted to the local context in each case.

The reduction of wildlife conflicts is one of the main areas in which Minuartia provides services. The company was involved in drawing up the European handbook “Wildlife and Traffic” and the document “Prescripciones técnicas para el diseño de pasos de fauna y vallados perimetrales” (Technical Prescriptions for the design of wildlife passages and perimeter fences). Minuartia’s team has given talks, presented conference papers, and taught courses on this subject worldwide (see the section on Biodiversity Publications).