Barcelona-El Prat Airport organises a Workshop on wildlife management

Cooperation between stakeholders to prevent bird strikes was the main goal of the first Workshop on wildlife management, organised by Barcelona-El Prat Airport. Experts in risk management met with managers of airport departments, air navigation, airlines, wildlife and natural sites, as well as representatives of municipalities and farmers. Barcelona-El Prat Airport is leading the implementation […]

Solutions to reduce accidents caused by wildlife

Minuartia has signed a cooperation agreement with RIVISA to develop perimeter fences that can reduce wildlife conflicts on roads and railways and in other areas. The increase in the number of traffic accidents caused by wild boar, roe deer and other animals has a high social and economic cost. The construction of wildlife passages combined […]

Wildlife management at airports brings together international experts in Norway

The 30th conference of the International Bird Strike Committee has been held in Stavanger (Norway). The main aim of this organisation is to improve air safety and reduce wildlife conflicts at airports. The management of habitats in airports and cooperation with external agents are key factors for reducing bird strikes and the severity of accidents. […]