Wildlife management at airports brings together international experts in Norway

The 30th conference of the International Bird Strike Committee has been held in Stavanger (Norway). The main aim of this organisation is to improve air safety and reduce wildlife conflicts at airports. The management of habitats in airports and cooperation with external agents are key factors for reducing bird strikes and the severity of accidents.

The Minuartia team and the University of Barcelona, who work together to reduce wildlife risks at the Airport of Barcelona, gave a presentation with experts from the Port Authority and the Airport of Barcelona. They reported the results of an innovative project to create artificial roosts for cormorants. The project aim was to move concentrations of these birds (which fly in groups and are of a considerable size) to areas where there is a low risk of collisions.

One notable aspect of the project is the cooperation between agents from the airport and those from outside it. At the Airport of Barcelona, this led to the formation of the Bird Strike Monitoring Committee, which is comprised of administrations, managers of the Delta del Llobregat Nature Reserve and other entities that manage activities and the space surrounding the airport.

The Conference is attended by over 120 participants from thirty countries around the world. It is the main forum for presenting current research and technological innovations to reduce bird strikes.