The meeting ‘Natura 2000 Network: the declaration of special areas of conservation and the approval of their conservation instruments’ was held in the Basque Country.

The meeting, which was organized by the Regional Government of the Basque Country, as well as the Provincial Councils of Álava, Vizcaya and Guipúzcoa, Hazi and Ihobe, was held on 28 and 29 November in Zizurkil (Guipúzcoa) and attended by the main experts and park guards from departments of the Regional Government of the Basque Country. The objectives and contents of the documents that are being drawn up for the declaration of Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) were presented and the characteristics of the different spaces included in the Natura 2000 Network in the Basque Country were discussed. In addition, the participation processes that have been developed were explained, and the implementation and compliance with the instruments for conserving areas of Natura 2000 were discussed.

Minuartia, which provided technical assistance in the process of creating documents on the assessment, objectives and measures for the Arkamo-Gibijo-Arrastaria  and Robledales isla de Urkabustaiz sites of community importance, and for the Sierra Sálvada special protection area, took part in the conference with a presentation entitled ZECs y ZEPA de los Montes alaveses occidentales.

The Natura 2000 Network covers 20.3% of the territory of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. It includes 52 sites of community importance (SCI) and 6 special protection areas (SPA).