The definition of indicators to measure the contribution of eco-efficiency to the competitiveness of companies in the Basque Country

The public company Ihobe supports the Basque Government’s Department of the Environment, Planning, Agriculture and Fisheries. To move towards a green economy, Ihobe has launched a project to define and calculate a series of indicators of economic, social and environmental competitiveness, in order to quantify the contribution of eco-efficiency to
the competitiveness of Basque companies.

This action is part of the Eco-Efficiency Programme in Basque companies. A
total of 460 organizations have already joined this
programme, which demonstrates their commitment to improving production processes in different environmental fields.

out this project on behalf
of Ihobe, and contributes its
experience in measuring and monitoring
sustainability. The team is completed with the participation of IKERTALDE, a
company with a long history of analysing
economic impact and business