Participation in an international conference on ecology and transport

Experts from Minuartia attended the International Conference on Ecology and Transportation that is organised every two years by INFRA ECO NETWORK EUROPE, and was held in Lyon, France in 2016. Ferran Navàs, Carme Rosell and Marina Torrellas gave various papers and presented a poster on different projects related to wildlife passages, factors that affect the […]

The first ‘Handbook of Road Ecology’ has been published, bringing together the knowledge of authors from around the world

The drafting of the Handbook involved a hundred authors from 25 countries. Among them are researchers from Universities and research centres, as well as recognized experts on the topic from around the world. This mixed team can transfer scientific knowledge to concepts that apply to the planning, implementation, and management of transport infrastructures. The chapter ‘Wildlife […]

Technical seminar on the conservation of European mink, a critically endangered species

The seminar was held in La Rioja, as part of the LIFE LUTREOLA SPAIN project. Several factors that affect the conservation of this critically endangered little mustelidae were analysed. Topics covered in the seminar included restoration of river habitats, the impact of hydraulic infrastructures, and reduction of road casualties. Members of the MINUARTIA team contributed […]

Minuartia joins the consortium of the ‘Safe roads for wildlife and people’ project, which is part of the Conference of European Directors of Roads’ research programme

Minuartia is part of the management team of the project SAFEROAD ‘Safe Roads for Wildlife and People. Cost efficient mitigation strategies and maintenance practices’, which is led by ALTERRA – Wageningen UR (Holland) and was a winning proposal in the Transnational Road Research Programme 2014-2016, which was called by the Conference of European Directors of Roads […]

The technical symposium Conectividad ecológica y vías de transporte

The technical symposium Conectividad ecológica  y vías de transporte (Ecological connectivity and transport infrastructure) was held on 23 and 24 November in the Complejo Cultural San Francisco in Cáceres. It was the fifth symposium to be organized in the framework of the Working Group on Habitat Fragmentation due to Transportation Infrastructure, which was formed in […]