The action plan for controlling flooding in the Rec Vell – Ter Vell basin is completed

Within the framework of the PECT Project ‘Girona, Region Sensitive to Water’, promoted by the University of Girona, Girona Provincial Council and the Catalan Government, an action plan has been drawn up to control flooding in the Rec Vell – Ter Vell basin. Minuartia provided technical support to write the plan and undertake the participation […]

LIFE Clinomics tackles adaptation to climate change in Montseny

The aim of the three-year LIFE project that began in June 2016 is to tackle the challenges and opportunities of local economies and societies to increase their resilience to climate change. The specific objective is to work with agriculture and livestock, forestry activities, tourism, and fishing in three areas: the Montseny Biosphere Reserve, the Alt […]