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Green infrastructure

Plans to promote urban biodiversity, Nature-based solutions, Ecosystem services, Defragmentation of habitats, Ecological connectivity

Business and biodiversity

Plans to promote biodiversity in facilities, Naturalization of green areas

Infrastructure and biodiversity

Measures to reduce risk on transport routes, Design and monitoring of wildlife crossings, Biodiversity management in wind farms and other infrastructures

Conservation of nature

Drafting of natural space management plans, public use planning, species recovery projects.

Conflicts with wildlife

Measures to prevent wildlife damage to biodiversity, urban areas, crops, facilities and infrastructure.

Wildlife hazard management at airports

Studies of wildlife impact risks in Airports, Risk management programs, Design and monitoring of applied measures.

Monitoring of fauna and flora

Censuses and sampling of biodiversity in infrastructures, urban areas and natural spaces.

Climate change and ecological transition

Sustainable territorial planning, Mitigation and adaptation to climate change, Landscape ecology, Urban ecology, Agroecology, Metabolic efficiency (energy, water and food).

Ecological restoration

Restoration of biodiversity in extractive activities. Recovery of pastures and open spaces