Roads and biodiversity, the subject of a chapter in the book La carretera en el paisatge (The road in the landscape)

Last July, the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia, which is commemorating its 15th anniversary in 2020, published La carretera en el paisatge (The road in the landscape). This book includes the results of the seminar of the same name held in 2018 and is divided into three sections: ‘Quality roads and landscapes’, ‘Landscapes in motion’ and ‘The road network, landscape and heritage of Catalonia’.

Around fifteen texts, preceded by an introduction by architect Fabio Manfredi, address the relationships between road networks and their environments, from the perspective of landscape integration and diverse perspectives such as biodiversity, architectural heritage, cinema or photography. The road is perceived as a common space, in which different areas of knowledge converge, and whose planning and management require a collective look and action, together with the involvement of the local community. The book contains abstracts in Spanish and English.

The first section begins with the text “Conciliant la carretera amb la conservació de la biodiversitat” (Reconciling roads with biodiversity conservation), by Carme Rosell, PhD in biology and director of MINUARTIA. In the text, she reviews interactions between roads and surrounding landscapes and proposes designing, building, and managing roads with ecological criteria and an ecosystem vision.

You can find the text here.