Good participation in the Second International Forum on Ecological Restoration

The International Forum held in Madrid and organized by the company Creando Redes was a place to exchange views and experiences on ecological restoration among the various stakeholders involved in this area. This Edition focused on subjects related to the green economy, public-private collaboration, habitat banking, and prioritization in restoration, among others.

MINUARTIA participated as a speaker in one of the working groups on restoration and public works. The presentation highlighted opportunities to create synergies between the interests of civil engineers, landscape designers and ecologists in the construction of transport infrastructure. The examples that were presented reflect opportunities to design and restore the edges of roads to favour threatened pollinators, and reduce the risk of accidents caused by animals. In addition, the action of companies such as SUEZ Water Spain was presented. This company promotes biodiversity and restoration of green infrastructure in water cycle facilities and their surroundings.

The Forum took place in Madrid on 17 and 18 December. In this edition, one of the objectives was to form bridges with Latin America. Consequently, experts in ecological restoration were invited from Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador.

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