Barcelona seminar on how to integrate nature into the city

The discussion took place at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), as part of the course “Biophilic cities. Regenerating the city through renaturing”, organized by the Consorci de la Universitat Internacional Menéndez Pelayo Barcelona (CUIMPB) – Centre Ernest Lluch.

MINUARTIA took part in the course with a presentation by Carme Rosell on the area “Biodiversity, landscape and design of the city”, in which she discussed the links between people and wildlife, and the difficulties of managing wildlife in urban environments. The term “biophilia” was introduced by Edward O. Wilson, and literally means “love of life and living systems”. This University of Harvard biologist argued that contact with nature is essential for the psychological development of people, as are social relations. The World Health Organization also indicates that a healthy physical environment is vital to ensure equity, and it recommends ensuring that urban planning promotes green areas. In this context, the course was focused on four topics: habitats, the environment, health and the history of the regeneration of nature in the city. It was divided into three master classes and three debates with speakers. Timothy Beatley contributed via video conference with a talk entitled “Designing Cities that Love Nature: Promise and Potential of the Global Biophilic Cities Movement” and various cities, such as Barcelona, Vitoria and Mollet del Vallès, presented initiatives that promote biodiversity.

In the debate, the need to design green spaces in multidisciplinary teams was underlined. These teams should be formed from urban planners along with psychologists, ecologists or landscape designers, to ensure that the recovery of nature favours people without causing conflicts in the management of interactions with animals.

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