Assessment to enhance the conservation of amphibians in Guilleries-Savassona

An assessment of amphibian populations is being undertaken in the Guilleries-Savassona natural area. In addition, a long-term monitoring proposal is being drawn up for these vertebrates, which reproduce in aquatic environments and are threatened throughout Europe.

During these tasks, water points in the area will be inventoried; the distribution of frog, toad and other amphibian species that use these habitats will be analysed; and indicators will be obtained to assess the state of the populations. These data will be used to develop guidelines to improve amphibian habitats and have an accurate knowledge about the localization and the conservation status of these populations.

The long-term monitoring of the amfibian populations will allow to obtain an accurat evolution of the variations over time and to define the more appropriate conservation measures in each situation. The procedures have been unified with the ones applied in other protected areas in the ‘Xarxa de Parcs de la Diputació de Barcelona’ (Barcelona Provincial Council’s Natural Parks Network), in order to unify knowledge and detect and compare general trends in the species’ populations.

During the fieldwork, biosafety protocols will be followed to reduce the risk of dispersion of emerging diseases in amphibians, and to detect possible cases of infection.

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