Work has started on the Plan to improve ecological connectivity in Andalusia

The Environment and Water Agency of the Andalusia Autonomous Government has just begun the process of drawing up the Plan to improve ecological connectivity in Andalusia. The aim of this document is to plan the actions that should be carried in a series of key areas in Andalusia, to improve ecological connectivity. These actions will be defined once a general assessment of the state of ecological connectivity in the entire region has been carried out and the following have been determined: the strategic objectives that need to be met; the areas in which actions should be carried out and the elements of the land that the regional government can act on.

The plan, which will be completed next summer, will be highly interdisciplinary and will provide guidelines for action programmes and for sectoral management.

Minuartia has won the contract for this work in a public tender called by the Environment and Water Agency (formerly EGMASA). Tasks will be carried out with the collaboration of a team from CREAF and the Manuel Calvo Studio.