The Wildlife and Traffic Manual of the COST 341 Project is adapted for Israel

The Israel National Road Company has published a Hebrew version of the document Habitat fragmentation due to transportation infrastructure: a handbook for identifying conflicts and designing solutions.

The first edition of the manual, which is co-authored by Dr. Carme Rosell of Minuartia, was published in 2003 as part of the European COST 341 project on habitat fragmentation caused by transportation infrastructure. The manual was adapted to Spain in 2005. The Israeli publication, whose author is Dr. Tamar Achiron-Frumkin, has been adapted to the landscape and species of Israel.

The aim of this manual is to analyse the problems of habitat fragmentation caused by roads and railways, and particularly to propose solutions for the phases of planning, constructing and maintaining infrastructure. The document is based on numerous international experts’ knowledge of the subject.

Minuartia provided images and diagrams to illustrate the manual. Most of them were used at the document ‘Prescripciones técnicas para el diseño de pasos de fauna y vallados perimetrales’ published in 2006 by the Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente, who has allowed its use.