The seventh ICOET conference in Arizona brings together over 500 experts in infrastructures and ecology

The International Conference on Ecology & Transportation (ICOET) was held on 23-27 June 2013. The event was well-received, with over 500 experts attending from around the world. ICOET is one of the main international conferences on ecological conflicts related to transport infrastructure. Experts from a range of fields attend to share up-to-date information on corrective measures, current research and technological innovations, among other topics.

Minuartia presented two papers at the conference. The first was an oral presentation entitled Animal-Vehicle Collisions: A New Cooperative Strategy Is Needed to Reduce the Conflict. This paper was based on a study about this conflicts carried out in the Catalan roads (commissioned by the Directorate-General of Roads of the Catalan goverment). The second was a poster presentation entitled Restoring Connections Existing Transport Infrastructures in Spain. The poster summarized the work carried out by the Working Group on Habitat Fragmentation due to Transportation Infrastructure, which is coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment. It also included some examples of defragmentation activities carried out by the Spanish state. The two papers presented at the ICOET can be downloaded from their webpage.