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The LIFE SAFE-CROSSING project in which MINUARTIA participates focuses on preventing fauna mortality on roads and particularly collisions with large carnivores such as bears or wolves. As part of this project, visits were carried out to the study areas of La Maiella and Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise national parks in Italy. The objective of the visits was to deepen collaboration between the Catalan and Italian teams. The application of the results of previous work by MINUARTIA and other project partners was discussed, in which accident concentration sections were identified where measures can obtain a greater cost/benefit. In other words, the measures can achieve a greater reduction in the number of accidents in these areas. Transversal structures that have been adapted to facilitate their use by fauna according to the instructions provided were also visited.
The work included a review of various installations of innovative collision prevention systems, and the compilation of information on their characteristics, application requirements and preliminary results of the monitoring and evaluation of effectiveness carried out in the two national parks. The aim was to facilitate the replication of the systems in other places. The technologies with the best results are comprised of signals warning of the presence of wildlife that are activated with animal detection sensors. The devices are only activated when a vehicle travels along the road at more than a certain speed while an animal approaches. The devices also have sound deterrents to alert the animal and prevent it from crossing the road when a vehicle passes. The application of technologies to reduce the risks caused by fauna is one of the challenges that transport road managers are currently facing.

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