New LIFE on roads and large carnivores in Europe

LIFE SAFE-CROSSING is an EU LIFE integrated project aimed at preventing mortality on roads of large carnivores such as the brown bear, the wolf or the Iberian and European lynxes. The project will be developed up to 2023. Thirteen organizations are participating from countries in southern and eastern Europe, led by an Italian team. MINUARTIA […]

The first ‘Handbook of Road Ecology’ has been published, bringing together the knowledge of authors from around the world

The drafting of the Handbook involved a hundred authors from 25 countries. Among them are researchers from Universities and research centres, as well as recognized experts on the topic from around the world. This mixed team can transfer scientific knowledge to concepts that apply to the planning, implementation, and management of transport infrastructures. The chapter ‘Wildlife […]

Presentation of a study on accidents caused by wild animals on the roads of Catalonia

On 6 June 2013, the Director-General for Land Transport Infrastructure from the Department of Territory and Sustainability, presented the results of a study on the rate of accidents caused by wild animals in the Catalan road network. The study, an extract of which can be consulted at this link, analysed around 6,000 accidents involving animals on […]