Richard Forman presents a safe and more sustainable vision of road transport

On 3 MayRichard Forman from Harvard University, author of important works such as “Landscape Ecology” and “Road Ecology”, gave a presentation on hisrecent work in the field of ecology and planning of urban areas.

The presentation took place at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment in Madrid as part of a meeting of the Working Group on Habitat Fragmentation Caused by Transport InfrastructureMinuartia providestechnical support for this working group.

In this lecture, Dr. Forman presented his vision for a new, safer transport system that would significantly reduce the impacts of roads on the environment (accidents, pollution, noise, habitat fragmentation, etc.). Thisfuturistic vision of a road network was described in a recent paper in the journal “Solutions” entitled “The future of roads: No driving, No Emissions,Nature Reconnected”. Read more here.

At the meeting, Dr. José Vicente de Lucio from the University of Alcala presented a project on green infrastructure in the Madrid area. Another presentation described progress on the document “Identification of points todefragment to reduce the impact of transport infrastructure on ecologicalconnectivity”, which is being drawn up by the Working Group. Thispresentation was given by Dr. Javier Viñuela from the Research Institute of Hunting Resources (IREC-CSIC) and Carme Rosell from Minuartia. The dayconcluded with an interesting debate on green infrastructure and other topics presented in previous papers.