Local plan to prevent and mitigate damage caused by wild boar in Girona

Girona City Council

Preparation of a local plan to prevent and mitigate wild boar damage for the city of Girona. The document consists of a previous diagnosis of the current situation that identifies which areas are most affected and the sources of attraction that may be causing the entry of wild boars into the city centre. To accomplish this objective, data are gathered on the background, conditions and description of the area, and information on conflicts with wild boar, such as warnings of wild boar observations, catches or traffic accidents, among others.
Based on the diagnosis and assessment of the causes of the various problems, applicable measures are defined to minimize the presence and conflicts caused by wild boar in the city. The measures are presented in file format and are designed to respond to the situations that are identified. They include an estimate of the economic impact and mapping materials in the cases required. The effectiveness of the measures that are applied are monitored and evaluated.